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PILLAR welcomes all types of presenters — from instructors who have taught in a college, university, or school setting to presenters with no formal teaching experience but who want to share a particular hobby or interest.

 Although PILLAR can not pay its instructors/presenters, the rewards for teaching for PILLAR are innumerable.   Many PILLAR instructors/presenters have reported that their classes have been the richest teaching experiences of their lives.  PILLAR class participants are intelligent, vibrant, and engaging.  In addition, for many instructors, this is an enjoyable time to teach without grades, homework, papers, or exams while having lively discussions with class participants who enjoying learning.  

All instructor/presenter's bios are listed in the back of the PILLAR Preview catalog  in which they are teaching.

Planning for each term begins three to six months in advance and the curriculum is finalized one - two months in advance to allow ample time for Preview catalog production. The PILLAR Preview is distributed two to three weeks in advance of each Term’s start date.

If you are interested in teaching for PILLAR, please fill out the below Class Proposal Form and mail it to PILLAR or email it to director@pillarinstitute.org

Class proposal form 2017

PILLAR reserves the right to edit all written materials. 

There are no homework, tests, or papers at any PILLAR class.  Just "Learning for the fun of it!"

Previous Preview Catalogs

The D-11 school district encompasses most of Colorado Springs and includes where the majority of PILLAR classrooms and the PILLAR offices are located.

Sign up for D-11 notifications on your email or phone by making an account here:   https://cssd.ezcommunicator.net/edu/cssd/login_form.aspx?app=0

As always, if you don't feel safe driving regardless if your  class is on, please stay safe and warm at home!

Class Info

You don't have to be a PILLAR member to take classes, however, there are class discounts if you are a member.

You must preregister for all classes.  There is no onsite registration.

Check the location of each class.  There are multiple venues for PILLAR classes.

PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning

​​​Class Discounts

PILLAR members get $15  off of all class fees.

TCD Class Discounts:  For only $250 per trimester, PILLAR members can purchase an TCD - Trimester Class Discount which allows you to take 25 PILLAR classes.   Class fees do not include special events, such as day tours.   There are no transfers.    You must be a PILLAR member to use class discounts.

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How to register for classes

Hover around the "Class Registration" tab at the top of this page and click on "Register Here".  This will take you to our online registration site.    If you forgot your username or password, then click on "Forgot my password" and they will be sent to you.

 You can also send in a paper registration form out of the catalog or call the office and the volunteer will take our registration.

PILLAR Institute Cancellation and Refund Policy
Amendment and Adopted by PILLAR’s Board of Directors – July 18, 2016

PILLAR Cancels:  PILLAR Institute reserves the right to cancel, combine, or reschedule classes to adjust for enrollment, weather, instructor illness, or other unavoidable circumstances.  If it is necessary for PILLAR Institute to cancel a class for any reason, all registered participants will be informed as soon as possible and given a credit on their PILLAR account.  
Participant Cancels:  If a participant is unable to attend a class and contacts PILLAR Institute office at least 2 business days prior to the start of the class, credit will be given in the form of a credit on his or her PILLAR account.

All credits need to be used by the end of the year or they will be considered a donation to PILLAR Institute.
 Day-trip fees are non-refundable as fees are paid in advance, but day trip fees are transferable to another person. 

There are no refunds on annual membership or TCD membership.

PILLAR Closings:  All PILLAR Institute classes, regardless of the site, will be closed when School District 11 classes are canceled.  If radio stations and television crawlers show District 11 closed, PILLAR Institute is closed that day and all classes cancelled.   If District 11 has a two-hour delay, then the PILLAR office will have a two-hour delay and PILLAR Institute’s morning classes are cancelled.


PILLAR' s Member Only Special Interest Groups 

Book Discussion 

Philosophical Cafes

Reader's Theater​

Main Classroom Locations

Colorado Technical University 4425 N. Chestnut St Colorado Springs, CO 80907 

Tim Gill Center 315 E. Costilla Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Ascension Lutheran Church 2505 N. Circle Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80909 

Holy Trinity Anglican Church 13990 Gleneagle Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80921 

 Inn at Garden Plaza 2520 International Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80910 

 Myron Stratton Home 555 Gold Pass Heights Colorado Springs, CO 80906 

Palisades 4757 Palisades Park View Colorado Springs, CO 80906 

PILLAR strives to keep our class viewpoints balanced at all times. However, ideas presented in our classes do not necessarily represent the views of PILLAR. When attending any PILLAR activity, including but not limited to classes, tours, or trips, participants and any guests hereby acknowledge and agree that any potential claims and liabilities that may result from going to or from and then being present at the activity are not the responsibility of PILLAR Institute of Lifelong Learning, its Board of Directors, agents, officers, instructors, employees, or volunteers. Participants also acknowledge that PILLAR is not responsible for lost or stolen items at any of its classes, trips, tours or any other PILLAR activity and that photographs and video may be taken at PILLAR events.

Electronic Payments

Preview Catalog Changes 

#3159 AARP Driving Class moved to Dec. 1 9am

#3178 US Entry in WWI moved to Nov. 29, 9:30am