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Sandra (Sandy) Halby

Operations Assistant

Sandra (Sandy) Halby has been active in PILLAR since her retirement from Civil Service in 2015. Sandy not only works at PILLAR but takes and teaches PILLAR classes, too! Besides her PILLAR activities, she is the President of Plains & Peaks Mensa and Treasurer of Pikes Peak Beekeepers. She enjoys golf, mah jongg, bowling, puzzles and her dogs. Born in Montana and raised in a log cabin there, Sandy traveled with her husband, Mike, while he was in the Army (and she’s a vet, too) while earning her college degree. She has worked in the fields of electrical engineering, optics, photonics, as well as satellite scheduling for the Air Force Satellite Control Network.​

BS in Mathematics from University of Alaska, Anchorage​

Sandra (Sandy) Halby
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