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North Chapel Hills Mall Entrance

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Class Changes

# 1051 The Silk Roads now on Feb. 28, 10:15am at Palisades

# 1003 Exploring Colorado Ghost Towns now on Feb. 28, 1pm at IGP

# 1076 Oliver Sacks now on March 4, 10:15am at PILLAR

# 1084 The Alienated American now on March 4, 1pm at PILLAR

# 1042 Plato and The Arts now on March 11, 10:15am at PILLAR

# 1017 Shame and Redemption now on March 13, at 1pm at Myron Stratton

# 1130 Celebrating Women’s History Month now on March 18, at 1pm at PILLAR

# 1044 How did Life Get Started on Planet Earth? Part 2 now on March 23, 1pm at PILLAR

# 1163 The Cuban Missile Crisis on March 24th will now be taught by Whitney Galbraith and Chuck Cabell

# 1078 Ideas of Power now on April 2, 10:15am at PILLAR

# 1182 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Capitalism now on April 8, 1pm at PILLAR

PILLAR is a local nonprofit that has served the Pikes Peak region for over 21 years!


PILLAR currently creates over 300 classes, tours, and discussion groups a year for adults mostly in the liberal arts and sciences.  Class topics include History, Science, Math, Politics, Religion, Music and Art Appreciation, Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, Economics, and more.  In addition, PILLAR provides volunteer and social opportunities to enrich the lives of adults.

PILLAR's Story

PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning is the only independent lifelong learning institute in the Pikes Peak region.  It is a volunteer-driven membership organization that is open to all adults.   PILLAR produces over 300 liberal arts and science lifelong learning opportunities each year for those young at heart.   In addition, there are community lectures by community leaders, Living History portrayals, Reader's Theater performances, day tours and extended trips. 


PILLAR was originally known as the Peak Institute of Living, Learning and Rejuvenation.  It was founded in March of 1998 and was originally an institute for learning in retirement supported by Pikes Peak Community College and inspired by Elderhostel (now Road Scholar).  In 1999, PILLAR opted to become an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit.   That first year 9 classes were developed.


Now in its 21th year, PILLAR has spread learning throughout the Pikes Peak region.   PILLAR is partnered with many local organizations who appreciate lifelong learning.

Mission and Vision


Mission:   To provide lifelong learning, volunteer, and social opportunities to adults in the Pikes Peak Region.

Vision:  To remain the foremost provider of lifelong learning through non-credit classes, lectures, field trips, and special interest groups that support our mission.