With PILLAR currently closed to in-person classes due to COVID-19, we invite our instructors to create online classes that will be shared with members.    Here are some platforms to try:



PowerPoint with a voice over

Google Hangouts

Facebook Live


YouTube video



This is our website provider.  This article has some good tips.



If you are interested in teaching this summer, please fill out this class proposal form and send it to Director@pillarinstitute.org

Join other retired or current college professors, educators, and other talented professionals who teach for PILLAR.  The rewards for teaching for PILLAR are innumerable. Many PILLAR presenters have reported that their classes have been the richest teaching experiences of their lives.  PILLAR class participants are intelligent, vibrant, and engaging.  In addition, for many instructors, this is an enjoyable time to teach without grades, homework, papers, or exams while having lively discussions with class participants who enjoy learning.  


As a small nonprofit, we cannot afford to pay our talented instructors, however, our volunteer instructors are allowed to register for 2 free PILLAR classes for every 2-hour class taught in the term they are teaching.  The free classes do not carry past the current term and when you contact the front desk to register, please let them know you are a current instructor.


Policies: PILLAR classes are intended to be learning experiences for our participants. Classes are not intended to be client recruiting or selling opportunities for business products or services.   Thank you for understanding.


Proposal Procedures: After the proposal is sent into the PILLAR director and the proposal is approved, you will be contacted for scheduling. Planning for each term begins several months in advance, so the sooner the proposal is sent in, the more dates will be available from which to choose.   The PILLAR catalog is printed and distributed two to three weeks in advance of each term’s start date. All presenter's bios are listed in the back of each PILLAR catalog in which they are teaching.


Classroom Hosts:  There are 2 classroom hosts assigned to each instructor, an Attendance host and an AV host.  They both will contact the instructor one week before the scheduled date and confirm the equipment needed, directions to the venue, and the number in the class. 

Handouts:  Participants do not expect handouts unless they are necessary for understanding of the topic.  If handouts are needed they can be made in the PILLAR office.  Limit on PILLAR printed handouts: 2 pages, front and back per class participant.  Send the handout to the director no more than a few days before the class. In addition, handouts and PowerPoint slides can be sent to all participants before or after class by email.

Class length:  2 hours long with a 10-15 minute break in the middle. 

Microphones:  Please be aware that the PILLAR demographic may have difficulty hearing.  Therefore, you may be asked to wear a microphone   A microphone will be provided.   

Technical:  The PILLAR classrooms are set up with Windows based computer system, therefore bring your PowerPoint presentation materials on a Thumb or Flash drive.  Bringing your own laptop is not advisable.  Unfortunately, Mac laptops do not work with the PILLAR computer system.


Internet: ​ ​Internet is accessible in the PILLAR classrooms.   The PILLAR computer is hardwired to the Internet.  There is also Wi-Fi for tablets and phones.


PILLAR Classroom Equipment:  Projector, Projection screen, Windows laptop, DVD/CD player, sound system, slide advancer, microphone system, HDMI cables, white board and markers, podium, and side table.


PILLAR Classroom Location:  From Academy turn on Jamboree, enter the north Chapel Hills Mall entrance by Dillard’s and walk straight ahead to PILLAR.  Please arrive ½ hour before class starts.