PILLAR's Story

PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning is the only independent lifelong learning institute in the Pikes Peak region and throughout southern Colorado.  It is a volunteer-driven membership organization that is open to all adults.   PILLAR produces liberal arts and science opportunities for those young at heart.  For 23 years, PILLAR has created opportunities where older adults can come to socialize, volunteer, and keep their brains active through curiosity and learning.  


PILLAR was originally known as the Peak Institute of Living, Learning and Rejuvenation. It was founded in March of 1998 and was originally an institute for learning in retirement supported by Pikes Peak Community College and inspired by Elderhostel (now Road Scholar).  In 1999, PILLAR's first term had 9 classes.  In 2000, there was a change of leadership at PPCC.   So in 2001, PILLAR became an independent 501c3 nonprofit.


PILLAR has spread lifelong learning throughout the Pikes Peak region of Colorado and now through Zoom, around the country.





Mission and Vision


Mission:   To provide lifelong learning opportunities to engaged adults.

Vision:  PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning seeks to enhance adult brain health through
interactive learning opportunities.